Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Baby is Two

*Although not the baby for long, he will always be my Gabey Baby...

Gabriel's birthday caught me unprepared again this year. First trimester fatigue (which should be going away any day now), my dad's 60th birthday last week (again no blog post), and just the busy-ness that comes with a family of soon to be eight children left me scrambling to pull together a birthday. Thankfully, all our little two-year old was concerned with was a cake and maybe a present. While everyone else got their much needed Sunday nap, I went out at the last minute and got a cake and attempted to find a fitting present.  My Gabe is a balloon lover, but after last week's fiasco I decided to forego the balloons this time.

Little Gabriel brings such joy to our home. His smile lights up the room. He recently has taken to wanting me to hold him on the couch. He hugs tighter, pinches harder, and smiles bigger than any two-year old I know. He has a way of giving orders to his siblings that make them actually want to do what he says, I think he has us all under his spell.

He's my little airplane lover. While Joseph is a wheels kind of boy, Gabe is a wings sort of boy. He loves to read books and to run, run, run. I have a feeling he'll be the one to watch sports with me as last week we were watching a sports clip on the Internet, when it was over he continued to ask for more game, more game. He is also relentless in any request. He'll ask over and over and over again until he gets his way.

Two years have certainly passed so very quickly. Two wonderful and exhausting years with boys. How blessed we are!


Anonymous said...

I follow your blog once in awhile through the Catholic Mothers Online. I've never commented but just wanted to say that the last picture of little guy reminded me SO MUCH of my first son at age two that my heart filled with joy remembering how sweet that time was. He is now nine and just as sweet, but I miss that little face! Looking forward to following the journey of your expanding family! Laura/IL

Rachel said...

I feel like I've just watched Gabe go from baby to toddler in a matter of days. He looks so BIG now! :)