Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Skills

The List:
3 spoons,
2 sippy cups,
a stuffed animal,
a pretty pink shirt,
the remote,
and 4 dish towels.

What do they have in common? These are the items I have found in the trash can. The follow-up question is, what did I not find that made its way out of the house? My keys, you know the one with the expensive fob that opens all the doors to the minivan, are still missing. For over a week now I have had to resort to the valet key. It is no fun!

The Offender: a cute 16 month old girl who recently aquired the ability to walk.

The Accomplice: her father who encouraged her to pick up the things she found on the floor and put them in the trash can. He thought he was teaching her to help her poor overworked mother :) A decision that has backfired.

The Proposed Solution: Do you think I can convince dh, who is already seeing dollar signs in his sleep over our second adoption in a year, to fork over the small fortune for one of these?
He did after all start this...


Herd Momma said...

Yep. Time to fork it up sweet thing. Ofcourse Little Bit doesn't appear to me to be one that will be off set for long. She'll figuret this out too.
Good Luck. Hey, atleast it is the trash and not the toilet :)

Kim H. said...

Ooooh, mama likey!

And we need to be both storming St. Anthony because as of now, my van keys are STILL missing (member that post?) along with our remote which controls the DVR (((shudder)))!

Has Juju been to my house?....

Laura said...

We have that trash can (or one very similar)'s great.
Tell DH to unclench his fist around the dough and buy the trash can. (I'm the one with the clenched fist in our home.)
Or, put his wallet it in there and see if he all of a sudden sees the need.
hee hee