Monday, June 15, 2009

An Update on Round 2

When dh and I talked about the difference in the adoption process when choosing a special needs child, we knew the most difficult thing for us would be to have a child matched with us and have to be waiting for the paperwork. It turns out this is exactly what we have been asked to do. We have seen little Joseph's pictures, we know a little about him, and we know he is just waiting for us.

One consolation has been that he is in an absolutely amazing foster home in Beijing. His local state run orphanage transferred him there so that he could prepare for cleft repair surgery. It turns out the surgery was cancelled because of an outbreak of chickenpox, but he remains there awaiting our adoption trip. Another advantage to him being in this home is that they have a great website where I could take a virtual tour and keep up with what is happening at the home. Somehow it makes me feel a little closer.

Please keep Joseph in your prayers. This weekend we filed our petition to adopt a foreign child with the U.S. government. Once we get this approval, we can get our dossier prepared and sent to China. In the meantime, Joseph is waiting for us...


Unknown said...

We continue to pray that you get to bring home that sweet little boy very soon!

Regina said...

you guys are amazing! will be keeping you in prayer.