Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Next Step

Yesterday we received our 797 Provisional Approval for little Joseph. While I know this is the next step in our paper chase to travel to Joseph, I am still not sure it brings us any closer to determining travel dates. Our next set of paperwork was sent off last night to Guangzhou and we now wait-- again. This wait though, is the most variable. We really need it to go quickly if we want dh to have traveled and be home with Joseph by the time baby is born. If this wait is slow, we will be faced with some tough decisions. Do we postpone his trip so he can be here for the birth? Do we send him anyway, knowing Joseph needs to be home? We can only pray that God's will be done. He is total control of this timing.

My sister has been back in the hospital with some complications. Please keep her in your prayers. I know it cannot be fun to have to spend weeks at a time in the hospital. I also know it would be especially difficult to have to spend Thanksgiving there.

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Kim H. said...

Nikki, I'm praying, praying, praying! God's will be done...ALWAYS! Hang in there, honey!