Friday, November 6, 2009

Only My Children

Yesterday, Grandma stopped by with dinner and some other goodies. Aunt Missy had sent some little trinkets for the girls. She can't visit herself until I get over this silly virus. She sent little Bophie a charm bracelet. Bophie has been wanting one since her older sisters got one and started collecting charms with the Little Womens Hospitality Program. She also sent bangle bracelets for the older girls.

Banana, being my bookworm, and clearly a home schooler, took one look at the sparkly pile of bangle bracelets and said, "Look, I can use these to make Venn diagrams!"

Earlier in the day, I had made "coffee" for the girls. The coffee is essentially frothed milk with a scoop or two of decaf instant cappuccino mix. As we were all at the table enjoying our coffee Bear and Bophie kept sliding out of their chairs to the floor under the table. After a few times, I finally asked them to sit up and drink their coffee like ladies, after all, did they ever see Mom do that when she drinks her coffee?

Bear thought a minute and piped up, "No, but you wouldn't fit."

I chuckled with her for a moment, but then warned her that was a dangerous thing to say to a pregnant woman :)


Unknown said...

Too funny! During one of my sister's pregnancies (she has 7 kids), she asked her oldest if she looked like she was getting bigger. Her daughter's comment, 'Well, only in your bottom, Mama!" Out of the mouths of babes!

Ana Maria said...

I made the mistake of having girl beside me while reading this. "Ma, the D girls are allowed to drink coffee!!??" She knows how to brew coffee, I better hide the decaf lol

Herd Momma said...

HA! That is too funny. And to follow Therese's comment. There's nothing like being 6 months pregnant and having your DAD say "I can tell your pregnant. Your face is filling out." That was 9 years ago and I refuse to let him live it down. Enjoy your pregnancy Nikki. You'll be sliding under the table again soon.

Kim H. said...

HILARIOUS! What a visual. Someday you should just do it to shock them. Just make sure DH is close by! :)