Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memorizing The Ten Commandments

A few years ago, when Banana was a third grader, dh began teaching third grade CCD at our parish. I wasn't sure how this would go, but I constantly have parents telling me what a great teacher he is. This happens so much I wonder if he shouldn't be schooling our children, but alas, he won't quit his day job. I guess that's a good thing.

The first year he taught, his assistant introduced a method for memorizing the ten commandments which he has modified and continued to teach. A friend was asking about this method, so I thought I'd share it here.

1. Hold up one finger- God should be first-- No other gods before him.
2. Hold up two fingers- This forms a V for vain-- Don't use the Lord's name in vain.
3. Hold up three fingers- This forms a W for worship-- Sundays are for worship and rest.
4. Use four fingers to salute- Honor your Father and Mother.
5. Use five fingers to make a fist- Don't kill.
6. Use three fingers on each hand to form a heart- Don't commit adultery.
7. Hold up two fingers on one hand, use all five fingers on the other to grab the two fingers- Don't steal.
8. Use four fingers on each hand to form binoculars over your eyes- Don't bear false witness. This also forms the number 8 when you take them off your eyes and turn them sideways.
9. Hold up the ring finger (other nine are down)- Don't covet neighbor's wife.
10. Use all ten fingers to cover your eyes- Don't covet neighbor's goods.

I hope he doesn't mind me sharing his trade secrets. He claims this works so well that he can ask any of his kids to tell him any commandment and they answer correctly and promptly. Now, if only he could find a method for teaching fractions :)


Anonymous said...

Wow...Thank you for doing Gods work.

ChristineC said...

thank you! i don't have these memorized and i need to make sure c does (well, me too!) and i have zero ability to check her on it.

JPF said...

DH is awesome.

Unknown said...

Hey this is great, I will share it with my little brother

Amy R said...

I think I may just memorize the 10 Commandments myself, finally!

Thank you.

Marc Cardaronella said...

That's really fun. Great tool!

Anonymous said...

I will practice the hand gestures and then try to modify my behavior to follow them.

I added some extra signage.

11. When you break one or more of them, go to a mirror and shake your finger at the offender.

12. Place the tips of all 10 finger tips together and then bring the palms together and thank God for His Love and Mercy.


catherine said...

except you left out the second commandment about idols.....