Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Third Birthday Juju

On Saturday we celebrated this little one's third birthday. Let me just say that February birthdays and big families do not go well together. We have now celebrated Juliana's birthday three times, each time we have been battling some illness. This year it has been a fever/cold bug. Currently all six children are in various stages of high fevers, runny noses, headaches, and some coughing. It was a blessing I got it first so that I am feeling better so I can run the infirmary ward that is now my upstairs.

Nonetheless, a birthday must be celebrated. All Juju wanted was, of course, a yellow cake. Thankfully she didn't get a fever until after her celebrations and was able to enjoy at least one piece of her cake. Bophie commented on Juju's birthday that although Juju was now 3 she still looked like she was 2. While she is small, she is growing in so many ways. Her vocabulary is booming. She is learning colors, shapes, and counting at record speed. She is also my danger alarm. She likes to let me know when her brothers are either causing or headed for any harm. Right now she is laid out on the bottom stair yelling. She is preventing Gabe from trying to climb the stairs.

Several times this weekend I have thought of how many happy little moments Juju and I have shared. I have thought of the joy and sweetness she brings our family. What a blessing to have shared another birthday with her! Here's hoping for speedy recoveries and a healthier February next year!

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