Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Month of February

Bitten by the love bug?

Not us, not this month. Instead we've been hit by the flu bugs! First up was a nasty stomach bug, now it is the cough and fever bug. On top of that, we are cooped up from snow and sickness and it is starting to wear on all of us.

The girls are bickering. The little ones are restless. I am ready for March and Spring and yes even Lent. Last night I came across this little prayer and it reminded me that there are just a few more days of February to endure.

God of our life,
There are days when
The burdens we carry
Chafe our shoulders
And weigh us down;
When the road seems
Dreary and endless,
The skies
Gray and threatening;
When our lives have no music in them,
And our hearts are lonely,
And our souls
Have lost their courage.
Flood the path with light,
Run our eyes to where
The skies are full of promise;
Tune our hearts to brave music,
Give us the sense of comradeship
With heroes and saints of every age,
And so quicken our spirits
That we may be able to encourage
The souls of all who journey with us
On the road of life,
To your honor and glory.

Saint Augustine.

1 comment:

tgarcia said...


Thank you so much for the prayer. I truly needed that as water for my soul as we have been dealing with the flu bug in our house too, of course I'm still getting over mine. You begin to feel like a prisoner in your own misery.

May we all be refreshed in the coming of the Lenten season and find renewed HOPE as we journey toward Easter and the beauty of Spring.

God bless,