Monday, September 3, 2012

Juju's Genetics

A few weeks before little Ellie (my nickname for baby Mary Elizabeth) was born, we were having a dinnertime conversation with the girls about who the baby would look like. Dinnertime at our house can be a little loud as little ones vie for Mom and Dad's attention. In response to the question, each one was talking about how the baby would look remarkably just like them, which is funny because our biological children seemed to look so similar. Juju (our daughter from China) did not want to be left out of all the giggly chatter of her older sisters, so she quite loudly chimed in that her new sister would look just like HER!

She didn't really understand when we all laughed a little louder at the thought.

As we waited the arrival of baby sister, Juju became more convinced baby Murray (as Gabe calls her) would look just like her. When baby arrived and one of the nurses remarked about her head of dark hair, I knew Juju would just love that the baby had her hair!

When the girls visited, we talked about how she had Bear's nose and eye color, she had the shape and mouth of Bophie, and Banana's ears and feet-- but she had Juju's hair. Then a few days ago she had her first bath.

When she was all dried and snuggly, I took this picture of her fuzzy hair.

It made me think of this...

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