Saturday, December 8, 2012

Double Digits

It's hard for me to believe this little girl is no longer a little girl. My sweet Catie Bear is already a decade. 


It seems like this was just yesterday. She and I spent a whole week together in the hospital. It was December, we were new in town and knew no one, Dad and Hannah got the flu while we were there, so it was just the two of us. We needed that week because life was a whirlwind after that. We moved one week later, and this little one just was her own little whirlwind. Always on the go. She walked the earliest, she took more risks, she needed more cuddling, she was well... Catie Bear. 

When trying to find a gift for her birthday, I had thoughts of a pogo stick. I was doing some research and after settling on one, I read the first review which talked of a kid knocking their teeth out. I sent the link to dh to ask his opinion of the gift. He sent back a text saying, "It sounds fun, and dangerous, and strangely just like the perfect gift for Bear." It was too. She goes out into the garage after finishing homework and bounces and bounces and bounces. She's also our current jump rope champion with over 300 jumps. No one seems to be able to match her energy. 

She made a cute little page in her Christmas pageant at school. Her wacky sense of humor suited the part well. I love the look on her face as she sneaks a peak at her family watching in the audience. School has been an interesting transition for my dear Catie. She is such a smart girl and has been working a year ahead since starting Kindergarten at four. This was never a problem homeschooling which allowed me to work at her pace. When we made the decision to put her in school I struggled with where she should be placed. She is the age of a fourth grader, but doing well as a fifth grader. The school combines two grades so she is in a 5/6 classroom and while she is hanging in academically, I can tell she feels out of place sometimes. Thankfully, the school is wonderful, the teachers, the students, the families, and I look forward to next year when Catie will be in a class with students her age.

My talented sister put together a photo booth for Catie's birthday party. We made little dry erase boards and the girls had such a fun time writing little sayings and getting their pictures taken. I am so thankful for the help of sisters and good friends for my girls. I am also so eternally grateful for the gift of sweet Catie Bear. How blessed I am to play a part in her life.

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