Friday, August 22, 2008

Couch Cleaning

It is nearing the time to start a new school year. Knowing that it will probably be another year before my house gets a good cleaning again, I have spent the last weeks trying to get everything in order. Today, I decided to clean the couches. My good friend Kim has a great post detailing all the goodies she found while cleaning her couches. I think this ranks up there with it.

I couldn't possibly list all that I found mostly because there is no way to quantify the crumbs I found. Dh is a cracker/peanut lover and the couch shows the evidence of many months of snacks. However, Bophie found a long lost pair of sunglasses she tries to wear upside down. As I am vacuuming, I look over to see her chewing on something. Knowing she finished her snack of grapes, I am a little concerned as to exactly what she has. This is the look I got when I asked her what she was eating.

She didn't know what she was eating. I don't know what she found-- I don't think I really want to know.... I do know she gets it from her dad.

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