Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first post

I have tried blogging before, but this time it is going to work. I think. I tell myself there are memories of my children I will never forget - and there are. There are also so many little day-to-day things they do that I do forget, or I forget how important they seemed or the way they made me feel. This little blog is to remind me of those things.

Banana, Bear, and Bophie are my three daughters. I toyed with calling this blog "No Princesses Allowed." This house is overrun with girls, but I detest all things princessy. My girls are all girls (no tomboys here), but contrary to popular opinion little girls are NOT princesses nor must they aspire to be such.

Banana is 8. She takes after her dad and is an avid reader. I can't make enough trips to the library and I think over her lifetime we will spend enough at amazon to warrant some kind of award. She once said, "I wish I could just spend the whole day reading." She was of course trying to find a way to get out of helping unload the dishwasher.
Bear is 5 and as close as this house has to a tomboy. She is still all girl, but much more physical and so much more energy to be contained. She wants to go, go, go. She still wants to be thrown in the air and loves to be tickled. She is always the first to come for a hug.
Bophie is 2. She is as close as we have to a princess. She loves her dresses, her pigtails, and her dolls. The stroller is her favorite toy, unless you count the dog. She especially enjoys pushing the dog in the stroller. Thankfully the dog tolerates it.

I am a sahm. I homeschool our girls and treasure all the time I am able to spend with them. It isn't always pretty, but it is always an adventure.

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