Saturday, August 23, 2008

A good place to work

Yesterday was a good mail day for us. No bills and 2 exciting packages. The mailman and the UPS guy know us well. Internet shopping has become our new method of purchasing. This week I ordered more than 30 books for this school year so I knew our house would be a regular stop for them. These packages, however, were not our schoolbooks. Dh has a long history of ordering things without letting me know, so surprise packages can sometimes drive me nuts.

The first package was new books I had been warned were coming. Dh found a good deal on some Chesterton books, and knowing I am a sucker for good deals conned me into 6 new books he probably won't find the time to read. The second package was a mystery. It looked as if it was from his work. The girls and I took turns speculating about what was in the box. That was a fun game. It seems 5 and 8 year olds have little sense of space dimensions as their ideas of what would fit in that box were imaginative.

What was in the box was a package of summer goodies for the family as a thank you for all his hard work. They sent us SIX baseball caps, a cooler, his and her beach bags, and a selection of sunscreen and chapstick, all with the company logo. The cooler and bags were really nice. I had been eyeing a new tote to carry school planners to the coffee shop this school year for my planning time, this one will do nicely. It was really nice to get a little surprise. I am so thankful dh works for such a nice company.

In the past few weeks not only did we get the summer package, we won Kings Island tickets at a company party, were given Cedar Point tickets for the whole family, and had 2 nights worth of dinner from leftovers at a catered lunch. They also had a family day with Tressell (coach of the Buckeyes), and an afternoon with the American Idols. It just goes to show how important work environment is. Now if we win OSU tickets I might just have to kiss the CEO :)

Here is a picture of the girls sporting their new ball caps...

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Regina said...

NO WAY, a family day with tressel!! how awesome!
yes, we are huge buckeye fans (though neither of us went to school there) living in pac 10 country (shoot me now).
and, of course, being browns fans we hate the steelers but were happy for santonio.
thanks for stopping by my blog.