Friday, December 12, 2008

Beijing Day Two

It's only 7:30 PM and I'm soooo tired I considered not blogging tonight. I was up at 3:00AM this morning and couldn't get back to sleep -- jet lag is a horrible thing. I'm determined to stay up a little later tonight, however, so I can get a better night's sleep. Tomorrow, we head to the Great Wall and that's the one site we are most looking forward to seeing.

Today, we met the other families travelling with our agency. It's nice to put a face to an email. We then went to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Afterwards we had lunch at a nice restaurant, went to a silk factory, and then toured a small village in Hutong. It was cold, but we enjoyed seeing more of Beijing.
I would like to post more details, but I'm simply unable to keep my eyes open. I'll have to post more later. Let's hope that it isn't at 3 AM. :)


Unknown said...

What great pictures! The praying continues!

Kim H. said...

So exciting. I still have to pinch myself when I think about where you are. Hang in there with the jet-lag. I cannot even imagine how the time change and travels mess with your body's clock.

Thanks for your post. It's wonderful to feel connected!

Love and prayers!

Herd Momma said...

This is so neat being on your trip with you. Thank you.
The pictures are great. I am so glad you two are getting time together. You have already been there two days! Enjoy.
Hugs and Kisses and Prayers from West Texas to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki:

Thomas, Marie and I are following your travels via your blog. What a treat! We love seeing where you've been. We can't wait to meet the baby!

Happy Feast Day of OLG!