Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Bear

Six years ago our family was blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I remember so well how you cried and cried. Then Daddy brought you to me, put your cheek next to mine, and I began to sing your baby song. Instantly you stopped crying and our eyes met. You stole my heart. It is hard to believe that was already six years ago.

Now you are my bouncy, cheery, snuggly girl. I love your big smile, your simple piety, and your enthusiasm for goodness. I am grateful for your big hugs, your silly comments, and your beautiful prayers.

You were due the Feast of The Miraculous Medal and born on this beautiful Feast of The Immaculate Conception and I know Our Blessed Mother watches over you. Today, I entrust you again to her care.

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet Bear!


Unknown said...

How beautiful! Happy Birthday!

Kim H. said...

Happy Birthday Bear! Birthday hugs and kisses!