Friday, December 5, 2008

St. Nicholas Day

I have said it before, but it's worth repeating -- we have a great parish. Each year they have a St. Nicholas Day Party. There are so many crafts for the kids, goodie bags, and one of the priests comes dressed as St. Nicholas. This year they made foam ornaments, beaded candy canes, bells out of foam cups and tin foil, and more. It is so nice to have the crafts for the day prepared for me.

At home, we have a tradition of leaving out your shoes. St. Nicholas carefully puts those shoes away and leaves a new pair of slippers filled with goodies. This year Mrs. Clause is really excited about the slippers. She found them after Christmas last year-- Stride Rite slippers for all three girls and the total for all of them was under $5! If you are wondering what is in the slippers, it is my girls' new favorite toys. They are Only Hearts Club animals. They come with a little clip and my girls love them. They make a nice little reward for chores well done and good behaviors.

The girls also write letters to St. Nicholas the week leading up to the feast. They tell him about the things they have done this year. Banana received her first communion and learned to write in cursive. Bear started First Grade Math and likes to pray the rosary daily. They add a sentence at the end telling St. Nicholas what one thing they would like for Christmas. This year they asked for two, but one of them was baby Juliana home safe and sound.

St. Nicholas writes them a letter back. He tells them little tales and such about the others in heaven with him. The girls write their letters mostly because they anticipate getting his letter in the mail. This year I believe St. Nicholas will use a 13 hour flight to write the letters and enlist some help in getting them mailed. He'll need something to occupy the time on that long, crowded flight!


Unknown said...

How neat! Our parish had a St. Nicholas party as well.

Kim H. said...

Okay, apparently I needed to crawl out from under the rock this week a bit sooner, because I completely missed the party. Ugh.

You are a great Mommy! And you have beautiful little angels!