Monday, December 29, 2008

My 100th Post

I have been hesitating to post until some inspiration hit me for my 100th post. I would like to have had some creative writing neuron in my brain spark and produce a genius idea for what should be a banner blog post.

Instead all the neurons in my brain are too busy trying to recover from jet lag, the Christmas rush, and the demands of a new baby. There has been no moment of inspiration, no sparks of genius, and if I wait there may never be a 100th blog entry. So I am left to post about the same old stuff--my girls.

Today Banana (8) was asking Bophie (2 1/2) if she remembered how to speak "baby talk"? And if so would she teach it to her. There are a few things Banana would like to talk to Juliana about, but she doesn't know how to make her understand.

This has been only one of the really great moments we have had since being home. There are a lot of benefits to adopting an older infant I had not considered. The girls love being able to carry this little one around. While she is exceptionally tiny (she weighed 13 lbs today and she is over 10 months old), she is able to sit up and has great head and body control. She also loves to interact with the girls. They bring her toys and she reaches for them and throws them down when she is ready for a new one. She also smiles and laughs at them. I love watching them act like clowns to get her to smile (I wonder where they learned that).

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Herd Momma said...

Love the post. Perfect for big #100. The girls look so happy. Enjoy your full house. Happy New Year. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful girls in 2009.
Enjoy the next couple of days of college football. We are nearing the end.