Friday, June 12, 2009

School Year Wrap Up

Today is our first official day of summer. The breakfast dishes are cleared and the girls have a few minutes to play before we get ready for Mass. You'll never guess what they are playing. They are pretending it is the first day of-- SCHOOL!

I am amazed at this because they have been absolutely dragging this week wanting to finish. I am one of those crazy homeschooling moms who require we finish all the lessons in our schoolbooks before quitting for the summer. You can blame that on my overly active perfectionist tendencies, but my girls acted as though they were going to explode if they had to do one more math page. Now here they are pretending they are back in school. They are practicing their state capitals and geography, and fighting over the flashmaster.

The flashmaster was a new purchase this week. Another homeschooling mom suggested it when I told her how much trouble I was having with flashcards. This little machine has them all so I can't lose them, and I can check the girls' previous sessions so I don't have to monitor them. What really sold me though was when this mom told me what a great drinking game the little machine makes. Goodness knows I am always up for a good drinking game. Truly the thought of dh doing multiplication facts after a couple gin and tonics makes my summer.

This year we made the switch to a virtual school in February. I have been really pleased with their curriculum and asking myself why I waited so long. We only enrolled Banana, but Bear wanted so badly to join in on her lessons we enrolled them both for next year. It seems as though next year is going to be pretty busy for us, so I am thankful the school decisions are made so early this year.

I am not pretending this is the first day of school. I am too happy it is finally summer. There is so much to do. We are changing around all the bedrooms in preparation for Joseph. I have some major weeding out of stuff to do (hopefully before our parish rummage sale). VBS, preparing for next years Little Women's Hospitality Program, a few small trips, and spending some fun time with the girls. Here's to the lazy (I hope--OK I am dreaming) days of summer.

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Herd Momma said...

Little Women Hospitality - I'd love more info on this. Enjoy your summer. We have cut back on programs/classes/camps/ etc.... this summer. We are still busy but, I didn't want to be constantly running. I'm about to post pics of what we got to entertain us this summer. Go check it out later.
I might have to check out this flash game thingy. I too like a good drinking game. :) Oh, and it might help the kids too! ::snort::