Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Day Late

This beautiful picture was going to be my Wordless Wednesday post, but yesterday slipped away before I had a chance to get it out there. Since I didn't get it posted, it doesn't have to be wordless, right?

Each year our wonderful parish invites a group of consecrated (habited) women to come and speak at a luncheon for the mothers and daughters of the parish. The hope is that the girls will get a chance to see that these sisters are normal women who lead a beautiful life. The sisters sit at the tables with the ladies and girls and share stories of what it is like to lead a consecrated life. My girls enjoy this every year, although I think some of their joy is from the pancakes piled high with chocolate and strawberries.

The sister in this picture told a wonderful story of her call to her vocation. She spoke of her parents' love for each other and the Church. She credited her vocation largely to her parents. She spoke of the beauty of watching her mother pray and teaching her to pray, and of memories of going to adoration in the middle of the night with her father. I hope my daughters were inspired by her love of Christ, I know I was.

Sister (I wish I could remember her name, but I am terrible about that) is from this order. Pray for them as they celebrate their jubilee year.

Thank you KV for the lovely picture. I brought my camera, but my hands always seemed too full of little ones to get the opportunity to snap a few pictures. Thankfully, I have dear friends always there to help out!

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