Monday, January 24, 2011

One Year Ago

This sweet boy stepped out of the airport doors and made his way into my heart.

A year ago our house was filled with pink and frills,
There were doll houses and dolls,
Jewelry and hair clips requiring trips to the malls.
Now there are trucks, trains, and cars that go zoom,
And more trips to the Emergency Room.
This little boy has shown us the meaning of snips & snails & puppy dogs tails. He has introduced this house of girls to new levels of ick. He eats dog food, rocks, and glass! This year I have learned that boys are indeed different than girls. My organization skills have necessarily reached new levels. I have discovered I can survive on much less sleep, consumed more coffee, and embraced dark-circle under eye concealer.
Yet, the joy he has brought our family this year is immeasurable. He embraces life much the way he gives his hugs, two arms wrapped around your neck squeezing with all the strength he can muster. His joy at a new truck, a passing truck, a piece of cake, or a glass of milk, even at a green pepper sliced for him, is each day a reminder of the many blessings we have been given. His infectious smile lights a room, his antics make me laugh (although not always initially).
He is no longer that scared little boy I met a year ago. He has many new accomplishments. He helps get himself dressed, expressing a clear preference for anything that has wheels or animals that roar. After quite a bit of work, he knows all his major body parts. At first he paid no attention to singing or books. Now, he loves to bring any willing person a book to read to him. He also asks to sing "The itsy-bitsy spider" with all its accompanying motions. And while he is definitely Daddy's boy, I am the occasional recipient of his big hugs, his slobbery kisses, and he even says Mommy.
Thank God we have had this wonderful, crazy, never been so tired, year with this amazing little boy.


Anonymous said...

love it!

JPF said...

Frogs! Frogs and snails and puppydog tails! Not snips! You really need more boys.

Nikki said...

According to the best thing ever, Wikipedia, ("Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.") snips or snigs were the first ingredient for little boys in the earliest editions of the rhyme. That's the way I'd always heard it, but I am not necessarily opposed to more boys just to make sure :)

JPF said...

I bow before your superior knowledge, and eat humble pie.