Thursday, March 22, 2012


Final post from DH here. After over 20 hours of flights, the longest of which was 14 hours from Hong Kong to Chicago, we're home!!! And while I went to bed early, I was up at 3 AM putting away suitcase items. I just couldn't sleep. I'm going to be toast today. :) 

Mom was able to hold little Peter for a few minutes from the airport to home. Once we walked through the door, however, the kids took over and showed him all the toys they could find. While he seemed to enjoy his new siblings, he too was quite tired from the flight and went to bed early. He's been up with me since 3 AM so he will also be toast today.

We can't thank all of you enough for the many ways you helped with this trip. We were blessed with meals, extra help with the kids, friends to help distract, and countless other kindnesses. We are especially thankful for all the prayers offered on our behalf.

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Lisa R said...

Such a happy sight. Right where he belongs.