Monday, March 12, 2012

Round Three Gotcha Day

Earlier today I sat thinking that in a few short hours this little boy whom I have never met but love dearly was waking up for the last time without the love of a family. That, God-willing, from now on every morning he would wake to a family who loves him dearly. This thought gave me such joy it brought tears of happiness to my eyes. I watched my other children playing on a playground on a gorgeous early spring afternoon and I knew that having Peter home and playing with them would make our family more complete. Some days I have been so worried about how I was going to get it all done, I lost sight of that thought.

A few minutes ago I was able to watch little Peter playing in the arms of his dad and sister. I watched him curiously explore the new world around him. He waved at me, he even briefly smiled at me. It is so different to be a mom watching these things from half way around the world instead of there with him. I am just not used to sitting on the sidelines. I want to be there as he has so many new experiences; new clothes, new foods, new toys. Instead I continue my countdown till their arrival home and my own Gotcha Day. I imagine this is much how dh feels as I feel the kicks and movements of our youngest child growing within me. I feel a little on the outside looking in and am so anxious for them to be home.

Dh said Peter was very serious and almost didn't make a sound until talking to me on Skype (thank goodness for Skype). He said Peter seems clean, well cared for, his cleft repair looks very good, but he seemed small compared to Joseph and even Gabriel. I think he has just forgotten how small a one-year-old is. He also said Peter's nanny seemed sad to leave him. She took many pictures with them and kept glancing back as they were leaving. I will say prayers tonight for that woman who cared for my son before I could.

I told dh he simply had to get his own Gotcha Day post out very quickly as no one really wants to read a post like this from me, they want to see pictures and hear first hand exoeriences! Hopefully he will do that soon although now he has to go back to diaper duty, and bottle duty, and entertaining a little guy whose world was turned upside down. He does have helpers though and he has had a week's vacation from such duties :) So get that post out!!!

Thank you all for your prayers as we endured this process. Please continue to pray as our travelers finalize paperwork and bring little Peter home.

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Lisa R said...

Beautiful post. Again, flood of memories for me and tears as well. Still praying for you all.