Monday, May 18, 2009

An Accident Averted

Being the nap-nazi I am, I still insist my three-year-old take a nap. I think it is good for her and it helps me to have her down for an hour in the afternoon. My older girls napped until they were 5, and even then I was known to require an occasional nap.

That said, there are days now when I get distracted trying to school the older girls, and keep the baby entertained. On these days, poor Bophie's naptime may get lost in the shuffle. Lately Bear has been helping out putting her down for a nap. She gets some reading practice as she reads to Bophie. I also think she benefits from a little down time herself. The picture above is from a day last week where Bear was putting Bophie to sleep... or was that Bophie putting Bear to sleep?

The sister system of napping works most days, but there are some days little Bophie rebels. On those days the back-up is that she crashes wherever she is playing. Which is typically a good thing. However, combine that with the whole potty training thing and there may be trouble. Remember this? At least then it was a rug easily thrown into the wash. Today I found Bophie on the landing of my recently professionally cleaned, carpeted stairs--wearing only undies. Thankfully, I caught her and was able to move her to her bed. I may have more laundry when she wakes, but it sure beats the alternative!

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Kim H. said...

Girl, I know how you feel to catch "it" before "it" happens. Sunday on my way back we got to Plain City when Molly announced she had peed her carseat. UGH! Man do I hate taking apart the carseat.

And last week she fell asleep in my bed WITHOUT a diaper -- and slept all night on Leo's side in a puddle. That's why I have TWO bed pads on my bed -- cause you just never know when you might have a nighttime visitor. :)