Monday, May 11, 2009


My sister has had too many of them lately. Please keep her in your prayers. This weekend they found a clot in her heart and this morning she was told she has had some tachycardia. She has been in the hospital almost a week and is tired, nauseous, and in some pain.

Another sister is having baby number 6 this week. He is currently breech and we are all hoping he will turn and she will avoid a c-section.

I did have a nice Mother's Day. Dh took me out for Chinese and Starbucks. I also got a good dose of Sudoku. The girls made nice cards for me and little Juliana even found my pencil and left me some artwork on the wall.


Regina said...

super sweet of juliana. nothing but the best for her mama
keeping your family in prayer

Herd Momma said...

Too sweet. I am so sorry to hear of your sister's complications. Praying she is out and better soon. And I no likey c-sections. First two babies natural, twins c-section. I NO LIKEY. best wishes to her.

Kim H. said...

Praying like crazy for both sisters!

Glad you had a beautiful mother's day. If Starbucks is involved, he's pretty much a gem in my book! (Of course, in real life I know HE IS! :)

Hugs, honey!

Karyn said...

I am continuing to pray for your sister :) and adding your other sister to my prayers as well..our babies have minds of their own :)