Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adoption Milestones

This week we crossed off two important adoption paperwork items. First, we received our home study. We are still waiting for one more police clearance to come in, but it is written and ready to go as soon as the clearance is received. This means we can send in our application to adopt a foreign child and put together the rest of our dossier to China. It also means that the paper chase is almost finished for us. The rest of the process means minimal paper work and lots of waiting.

We also received our preapproval from China this week. This is just a short message letting us know they received our Letter of Intent and will expedite our dossier for consideration once it is received in China. The goal is to have it there in less than three months. More importantly, the preapproval means we can finally post pictures of our little Joseph.

Blog world-- meet Joseph...


Kim H. said...

I have goosebumps and tears, yet again!!! He's just adorable -- and yes, the scarlet and gray is definitely a nod from above. :)

By the way, I love your label of "Round 2" :)

God is so good!

Unknown said...

So Sweet! I am so happy for you Nikki! May the time go easy and swiftly until you can bring him home! We'll be praying!

Sara said...

He's beautiful and I love how he's just holding his little arms out for a hug!

Regina said...

sooooo cute! praying it all works out!

KHM said...

Ahh - he is a lovely little guy

I bet he is a strong litte guy - he has all those sisters to contend with!