Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Busy Week

Mom has been in the hospital since Friday. It seems she had the perfect storm of maladies-- gall bladder troubles, stomach bacterial infections, and others. It looks like she will be going home tomorrow, but has to go back in for surgery when she is feeling stronger.

The final adoption paperwork (I-797 giving us permission to adopt a foreign child) was supposed to arrive early last week, instead it showed up Monday requiring us (and by "us" I mean dh) to hurry and get it notarized, certified twice, and overnighted to the courier in New York. A couple hours work and a small fortune in postage and fees later, all of our paperwork is out of our hands and sent to the adoption agency. Hopefully on its way to China sometime next week.

Aunt Missy has a big appointment today, another echo, and will know more about how she is progressing. I know it has been weighing heavily on her.

I have another OB appointment tomorrow. I know I should have already breathed a sigh of relief about this pregnancy, but somehow (it could be past experiences) I am still nervous-- not as much, but still apprehensive. I also have had a headache for days, I hate my sinuses. The rain and changing weather always cause me such misery.

On top of all this, I am trying to get us packed for a summer camping trip with some other homeschooling families. The last time we went camping, Banana was only six months old. I am a little out of practice, and the kids add a whole new level of being prepared. When it was just dh and I, we could make do. Going with a group is nice knowing someone is bound to have whatever I forget. It also makes me worried I will appear as some sort of slacker mom for not having everything I need, organized, and easily at hand. I am sure it will all come together-- right?

Last night while watching old episodes of X-Files (a new find for us), one of the characters had a near death experience and saw her dad who told her he would trade all his medals, commendations, and promotions, for one more minute with his little girl. That reminded me how blessed I am this week. I have time with my loved ones. I would prefer that wasn't in the hospital as much as it has been lately, but I'll still take it. This camping trip may be a crazy amount of work, but the memories my girls will have make it totally worth it. In many ways, I am so blessed to be busy.


Kim H. said...

I can't believe how FAST this adoption process seems to be going for you guys! It's just incredible!

And I'm glad all is going well for you and the bebe! :)

I'm praying for you, your family, your Mom and your sister. Thank you for keeping us all posted.

Have a wonderful time on your trip. Take lots of pictures and cherish all the time away. I know it'll be great!

Regina said...

slacker mom while going camping pregnant with 4 little ones in tow? more like mom of the year!!

Herd Momma said...

Ditto on Regina! You Rock Mom!
And as you said the memories are so priceless. Can't wait to see the pics. Praying that all goes well for getting both your little babies here.