Monday, August 10, 2009


Last week's busy-ness continues...

My sister's appointment did not go well. They found no improvement in her heart function. The plan was to give the medications 3-6 months and then evaluate where she was. Since there was no improvement, the doctor said it was time to make an appointment to be evaluated for a heart transplant. This was really hard news for my family as it means her condition is really not good.

Missy then had a bad spell late Friday night and was taken back to the hospital where they decided she should be transferred to another local hospital to have the transplant evaluation done ASAP. She is there this morning undergoing a barrage of tests. The thought is that she will be on the list very soon. All of this has happened so quickly and I know she is worried and any prayers would be appreciated.

My mom is home from the hospital, but still not feeling well. She has a significant fever and is still pretty tired. She hopes to hear from her doctors sometime this morning. I know it is also incredibly difficult for her to be unable to be with my sister right now.

I am throwing myself into my work (always been my coping strategy) and trying to finish the mounds and mounds of camping laundry, drying out the tent, and dealing with four over-tired and cranky girls. We enjoyed camping (well most of us enjoyed it, let's just say this isn't dh's idea of fun), and I hope to post pictures later this week. I haven't unearthed the camera from the mounds of gear to unpack.

I also hope to start school next week so this is my last week to prepare my house for the craziness to start up again. I am hoping for a productive week as we are no where near ready at this point. If that wasn't enough, we also have a few snags in our adoption paperwork to clear up. It is going to be another crazy week...

Almost forgot the good news. My appointment on Thursday went well. I had seen this little one's heart beat many times, but had yet to hear it. That wonderful sound... Thursday there was no difficulty finding it. I even felt a swift kick (at this stage a good bump) when the doctor first listened with the doppler.


Kim H. said...

Oh Nikki, I'm totally praying for Missy. I just can't believe it. I'm welling up with tears just writing this. Just keep trusting -- but I know, it's just so hard.

And your poor Mom. Outside of not feeling well, I'm sure she's just torn because she can't offer the support she'd like to for Missy. I'm sending lots of prayers their way.

Wish I could come over with some Panera and help you fold laundry. You know, I totally would. And for some reason, because I'm not a camper, I don't know for sure, but camping looks to be a really tiring process after it's all said and done.

How wonderful about le bebe! So, so exciting! I was thinking about you yesterday when they were announcing CCD registration at church. It made me sad.

Unknown said...

Nikki-I will be continuing to pray for your sister, and for your Mom because I know that she wants to be with her through this.

I am so excited for you about the baby! Such wonderful news!!!

And camping? My idea of camping is staying at a hotel with no room service! LOL! just not my thing!

Laura said...

Prayers for those in your family struggling with health issues.
And..I'm liking your good news.

Herd Momma said...

Little Heart beats and happy bumps. God's sign that he is there with you through good and bad. The testing and emotional toll a transplant takes on everyone is hard. Praying for you sister. Also praying that Mom is feeling strong and healthy soon so she can be able to help. HUGS!