Friday, August 14, 2009

Egg on Her Face

Remember those early days when I tried and tried to get little JuJu to eat some solid foods? Let me tell you those days are gone. Now I find it almost impossible to keep up with her voracious appetite. The only word she uses consistently is num num num. She bangs on the pantry door. She wants a snack almost all the time.

This morning I was making breakfast before dh left for work. He likes a fried egg sandwich with a runny (really runny) yolk. So when I put his egg in the frying pan and broke the yolk, I quickly scrambled it and gave it to JuJu. She inhaled it. This after eating a whole banana the girls had given her.

I then finished making scrambled eggs for the girls (yes sometimes I feel like a short order cook at breakfast), and dh put at least two eggs worth on JuJu's highchair tray. I thought there was no way that little one would eat them. She did -- then asked for more. I gave her a piece of toast and a slice of cheese, wanting to keep her quiet more than thinking she would actually eat them. She did eat them.

Then little Bophie, always our last to finish a meal, said she didn't want her eggs. She had only eaten half a grapefruit so I insisted she eat them. I turned my back for a second and I find that JuJu did Bophie the favor of eating her eggs too. Seriously, how much can one girl (who has yet to register on the growth chart) possibly pack away? And how long do you think I have before she is pounding on that pantry door asking for a snack?

UPDATE: 9:56 AM less than two hours after finishing her massive breakfast, I walk into the kitchen to find this...
JuJu is helping herself to some Mini Wheats courtesy of her three year old sister leaving the pantry door open. Good grief, where does she put it?


Unknown said...

Looks to me like she is making up for lost time! Can you say growth spurt??? Too cute!

Kim H. said...

Oh my word, that is just precious!!! Sometimes doesn't it just amaze you when they eat and eat and eat! I agree with T -- may be it's a growth spurt! And I'm thinking she clearly knows she's at home now! :)

Miss you guys!

KHM said...

Yea my thought is growth spurt coming down the tracks.

Maybe teeny girl is feeling competitive and wants to hit SOMETHING on the growth chart!