Saturday, August 1, 2009

The End of the Staycation

Dh had some unused vacation time that he would lose if not taken before the end of August. While it would have been nice to carry over a little more vacation time for next year (you'll recall we have quite a few big events coming next year), he had to take it.

We both like to travel and have really enjoyed our family trips, but with an adoption to fund, the possibility of needing a new car (we're about to outgrow our minivan), and the other costs associated with adding two new family members next year, we decided to be frugal and stay home.

Our Staycation--

The Good: my basement is clean, my kitchen cupboards are clean, Bear's computer is set up and ready for school, we went to daily Mass as a family almost every day, we had a fun trip to the State Fair, dh got some much needed computer gaming time, and it has been fairly relaxing.

The Bad: I did my best not to nag so only half my to do list was finished, my house is a disaster (why is it so hard to maintain basic chores when Dad is home?), and it still didn't really feel like a vacation.

The Ugly: the last few days of our staycation were supposed to be spent at a local waterpark with Grandma, cousins, and other family, but instead has been spent at a local hospital. Grandma has been throwing up since Tuesday, she went to the doctor and is now in the hospital until they can figure out what is causing her misery.

Another friend whose family also took a staycation this year reminded me that a staycation is better than a nocation... I would have to agree.


Herd Momma said...

I guess that is kind of what we have done as well. Tom has tried to get a full week off but something keeps happening. We haven't gone anywhere and don't really plan to. The living room has to be done!
Sorry about Grandma. I hope they get her fixed soon.
Oh, and thanks for the help on the paint. We get our colors from Sherwin Williams too. They have a store less than a mile from us. However I don't think our decorator person here is as good as yours.

Kim H. said...

Did you know the word "staycation" is now officially in Websters?....

Sounds like it was great!

Just returned from the Chicago wedding extravaganza week. I need a staycation to help me recuperate!