Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Did you know rainbows laugh?

--Me neither!

When Banana was little, dh would try and try to tickle her, or throw her in the air, or even just wrestle with her. She never really tolerated it. Instead of laughing she would inevitably end up in tears. Then along came Bear who couldn't (and still can't) get enough of that. She begs for it, especially the tickling. Bophie is a little combination of both. She likes it more than Banana, but not as much as Bear.

Yesterday, I was taking advantage of a break in our schoolwork and changing JuJu's diaper. She also likes to be tickled. She takes her fingers and wiggles them in the air asking for more. This turned into an all out tickle fest with my youngest three. Banana doesn't join in, but she does watch and laugh.

It was a nice moment, except that little Bophie likes to scream-- loudly. So instead of laughing or giggling there were moments of piercing shrieks that sent shock waves through this mom. I seem to have had one long headache since this pregnancy began and the screaming wasn't helping.

After letting her know the game could only continue if she stopped screaming, she promised she would. I resumed being the tickle monster and laughing continued until a few moments later she forgot her promise and let out a good scream. I gave her a good, stern look.

She looked at me and said, "I didn't scream Mom. That's the way a rainbow laughs."

Since there seem to be quite a few rainbows laughing in this home, anyone have a remedy for this pregnancy headache? I hate to take tylenol, but I have had to on some occasions and even that is not working.


Unknown said...

SUch a cute story!!!

Sorry about the headache-I've had one too since yesterday but I think it is allergies...not much helping here either!

Laura said...

I'm thinking that you now have the title for your first children's book.