Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ever Had One of THOSE Mornings?

Yeah--I'm having one. Running a fever, again. I can't seem to kick whatever this is. Thankfully, I go to the doctor today.

In the midst of trying to maintain order while feeling crummy, I hear my three-year old is brushing her teeth while on the potty. What is the logical consequence of that? I am now trying to figure the best way to extract the toothbrush from the toilet-- a used toilet. To flush or not to flush?

I guess I'll be stopping on my way home from the doctor for a new pink (the girl will have no other color) toothbrush.


Regina said...

her consequence is a brand new blue toothbrush :)

Herd Momma said...

DON'T FLUSH!! Once had a twin flush a spatula. What happens when things get flushed....not a pretty picture.
Hope it all comes out ok. ::snort:: get it? comes out? HA! I'm too funny. Or sad. I don't know which.
THis sounds like the time I found William propped on the back of the toilet brushing his teeth and leaning over the sink.
Hope you kick you fever soon. Let us know how the doc appt went.