Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not at all Wordless Wednesday*

* but a good picture nonetheless.

Today, I was elated to finally get a post-surgery picture of Joseph (now isn't the time, but we are rethinking the name, is that wrong?). He looks amazing, doesn't he? I'm no doctor, and I know it is only one picture, but I still am so thankful at how successful the surgery seems to have gone. His palette was not repaired, which we fully expected, but one surgery down.

I can't tell you how odd it was to find out the child we are praying for, preparing our home for, who in many ways is already a member of our family, has had surgery and we couldn't be there to offer support and comfort. I am eternally grateful he seems to be very well cared for. The foster home works very hard to take undernourished kids and fatten them up before sending them for surgery. This certainly seems to be the case with our little one.

Now if only we would get some word from China... We are waiting on our LOA (letter of acceptance), this means another round of paperwork before our TA (travel approval) which allows us to travel to pick up this cutie. Each milestone Juju crosses, each new word, each new bond that is established, each kiss she offers, reminds me of the milestones we are missing.

Today, Banana's Literature lesson introduced the phrase, "All in time." I submit this process is "All in God's time..."


Herd Momma said...

Oh Nikki! He looks great! And yes, fattened up. I'm a hold out for the name Joseph but I will approve any name change you decide. :)

Kim H. said...

Oh my gosh Nikki, he looks so good! I have been praying for you -- and him and his recovery. He almost looks no worse for the wear! :)