Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Food for Thought

I had really hoped to post something relating to guardian angels since today is the feast of guardian angels. However, most of the tidbits I found about angels were a little too schmoozy for my taste. So you get a good quote from my patron saint, St. Frances of Rome. She was especially close to her guardian angel who would light her path so she could tend to the poor. For this reason she is patroness of motorists.

Her quote seems very fitting to our week here. I missed Mass last Sunday because of JuJu's emergency room visit (a very, very rare occurrence for me). Since then I have wanted to attend daily Mass each day. This hasn't been possible because each girl has successively come down with this bug. Today is first Friday and a feast, and I am afraid we won't make it to Mass. Banana is going to have to go to the doctor for a strep test.

“It is most laudible in a married woman to be devout, but she must never forget that she is a housewife and sometimes must leave God at the altar to find him in housekeeping.” ~ St. Frances of Rome

And just so I am not entirely neglectful of today's feast, this little quote made me smile after a long week of tending to sick children:

"The reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly." ~G.K. Chesterton, "Orthodoxy"


Laura said...

I love both these quotes.
Hope your house is cootie free.

Kim H. said...

Beautiful quotes, Nikki! And hang in there, this will pass...eventually! :)

And why were you in the ER with Juju?...I hope she's okay.

I 2nd Laura's comment -- open the windows and let the cootie's out. I did that the other day.

Michelle said...

Love the quotes! I pray the children are feeling better and you too!

Anonymous said...

I've always liked this post from Peter Kreeft on Angles:

"Angles are not cute, cuddly, comfortable, chummy, or “cool”. They are fearsome and formidable. They are huge. They are warriors."

Here's the link to the the entire article:

Corinne said...

Too funny anon - I'm always afraid I'm gonna type angles too, but I love, love, love Peter's quote!! I think I need to get that tattooed somewhere - that's totally how I feel.

St. Frances of Rome is one of my favs - Helen was born on her feast day. Did you know one of her children died young and she was consoled by being able to see her child's guardian angel throughout her life.

great quote from St. Frances too, I've tried to get dh to agree to name one of my girls Frances.