Friday, October 23, 2009

We received our LOA

For those not in the international adoption community, LOA means our Letter Seeking Confirmation of Adopter. It means we have been approved by the CCAA to adopt little Joseph. It also begins to bring into focus our travel time frame. Our agency estimates travel will occur in the next 10-13 weeks.

Today, I am 26 weeks along in this pregnancy. Add 13 to 26 and you can see that it seems that this little one from China will be here about the same time as our little one in utero. January is going to be quite busy around here. What a way to usher in 2010, two new little boys.


Corinne said...

Congrats! and good luck!

Anonymous said...

How soon before you will have dates you need to be there? Will David go alone or take someone with him? I wish you guys the best! Evey (Lynn)...cousin

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Enola! Good to chat with you last week. Hope all goes well and travel is speedy for you! Give kisses to the girls from us.

Regina said...

so awesome!! congrats!

KHM said...

Thanks for stopping by.

We have been keeping an eye on your updates as well. January is going to be BIG, but what fun.

Kim H. said...

AMAZING! Nikki, I cannot even hardly believe it!

God is good -- and he only gives you what you can handle. :)