Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mom's New Toy

Please forgive me if for a few weeks my blog turns into a picture book. After months of hemming and hawing, a new camera arrived in the mail for me courtesy of dh. For the next few weeks, the amateur (and by amateur I mean a complete novice pretending to know what she is doing as she wields her new fancy-shmancy shiny new camera with knobs and buttons she knows absolutely nothing about) photographer in me will be in full force, driving those around me crazy as I snap another shot. If I am going to drive my family nuts as I try every new feature on my camera, it seems only fitting you, my blog friends, should have to be subjected to the results...
I love Gabe's big hugs. Here he has a special one for Daddy who deserves such squeezes for buying Mom such a nice camera, for doing all the research to pick said camera, and for mopping the kitchen floor.

This picture just makes me smile. My frilly, girly, sweet Bophie in favorite pink twirly skirt (now ripped from playing outside) in her muddy boots. Somehow it encapsulates that little girl's personality.
Here two little monkeys are hanging out watching Mom snap more and more pictures.

Some of them had their fill of pictures, others hammed it up and couldn't get enough of them :)

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