Thursday, April 21, 2011

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I had been planning this post all week, then this morning, when I saw Leila's post, I felt we must've had very similar weeks, although she has better pictures to show for it.


No Lenten picture post would be complete without a daffodil. In this house we refer to them by the old-fashioned name Lent lilies. Little bits of sunshine in our Lent.

This prettiness was too much for me too. This little girl has the sweetest smile.


My rhododendron are in full bloom for Easter. I was worried they would blossom too early, and then when the Spring storms hit earlier this week, I worried all their blooms would be blown off the bush and scattered through the yard.

Having this picture makes me happy. It gets the action of my little scooter-- he refused to crawl. He is almost always walking now, so I am so happy to have captured this moment of his baby days.


I had to get this shot of our one lone purple phlox in a sea of pink. Don't you feel like that sometimes? I have lately. I feel like that one, single, little flower that somehow is different. This picture reminds me of the beauty in being a little different.

How is it such little ones pick up so fast on their parent's mannerisms. Here little Gabe is clearly telling a story in much the same fashion his mother would. The hand adds such emphasis :)


This is a sink full of dirty lunch dishes. It seems washing dishes by hand was God's plan for our Holy Week (like Leila, I'm doing my best not to complain). Thankfully, the repairman came late yesterday, so we have a working dishwasher in time for company this weekend.

Isn't it amazing how a camera can take that mess, blur it, and make it almost pretty? If only we could learn to have eyes like that. To blur the troubles and focus on the half full glass.

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Holly @ Three Sided Wheel said...

Yes, if only we could blur the lines a bit! Lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Nikki, that is a great thought about blurring the mess - I'll try to remember it.