Thursday, April 28, 2011

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I am joining in again even though I posted pictures yesterday too.

I love the altar at our parish decked out for Easter. The music, the flowers, the little ones in their finest clothes, the incense, it all seems so joyful I just want to shout "He is Risen!"

It makes me happy to bring a little of that joy home to share with my family.

Leave it to Joseph to come up with all kinds of new uses for his Easter basket.

Because of the rain, Grandma's famous Easter Egg Hunt had to be brought indoors. 400+ eggs filled with candy hidden throughout our little home. Also, reality set in when I noticed in almost every Easter picture of sweet Gabe he is wearing just his onesie. He fell asleep and then made a mess of himself at dinner before I got a single picture of him in his tie. Oh well! It just means he has to wear it again, preferably on a sunny day so I can get a good shot :)

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Unknown said...

Cute little boy with his easter bucket. :)