Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Moments

I should have done the 7 quick takes on Friday. Since I didn't get to it I thought I would share a few quick moments from our week.
  • It turns out my eyes are even more football shaped (how apropos) so now I get to wear glasses full-time.

  • I burned the bottom of my feet (in true Michael Scott fashion) in hot turkey grease yesterday. In case you are wondering, burning the bottom of the feet makes every little step filled with pain.

  • If my calculations are correct, I changed about 42 diapers this week.

  • I have mitigated at least 63 meaningless squabbles between siblings. H/t to my friend Emily who suggested I give each child a day to win said squabbles. The coveted head chair at the breakfast table is now no longer a daily battle as the girls know whose day it is and therefore who gets the chair. The Child of the Day also gets to pick what is for breakfast, although Mom has ultimate veto power.

  • Dh is bottling his newest beer tonight, this means my newly mopped floor will need to be mopped again. It (the beer) will be done in time for him to give it up for Lent.

  • The dog ran away today when I forgot to let her back inside. We live close to a school with little ones out for recess. I, of course, assumed she went there and had to approach the school teachers in my sweats, slippers, unbrushed hair, and coffee breath. Turns out she was just on the deck.

  • I did succeed last week in getting the girls out the door on time without yelling. The kicker for me came on the last day. We had to be out earlier than any other day and we were going to be out for most of the day so I had extra gear to pack. After all my efforts, we got out the door and to the dentist's office on time only to have the receptionist apologize and tell me that the girls were not due for a visit. We could still have their teeth cleaned, but we would have to pay out of pocket for a cleaning they didn't need.

While all of these did not happen on Monday, they still feel like Monday Moments to me... Of course, for balance I am pretty sure I will need to remember GratiTuesday tomorrow. Here's hoping for another week full of memorable moments!


Kim H. said...

Hot turkey grease? I don't even want to know. You poor thing.

See, and I told you there was a reason you need a BIG dog -- you know, so you don't lose her right under your nose. :)

Herd Momma said...

I am so sorry about your feet. How terrible. Makes running after kids more difficult.
I love the dog story. I have two labs and the chocolate, male, will take off over the fence every chance he can get. Makes me nuts. I keep tryng to figure out how to keep him in but, haven't had the opportunity to get electric fence or barb wire up yet. Yes, that is what it is going to take.
Hope this week is less eventful.

Regina said...

i do want to know, how in the world did you get turkey grease on the bottom of your feet?
love the office!

r. . .that's what she said