Friday, February 27, 2009

Will the Winter Ever End?

It is raining here, and the weather reports it is going to get cold again. I think I have mentioned many times how much my sinuses love this kind of weather. We have all been battling a terrible cold/flu that started when Banana got strep throat. I thought we were all on the mend. I was looking forward to getting out of the house a little more, and getting some full days of schooling. The saga never ends though.

I was back at the doctor's office yesterday. Now Bear and Juliana have ear infections, and Juliana has some fluid in her lower left lobe. Another couple rounds of antibiotics for us. I am hoping the antibiotics will kick in more today and my children will not be in pain when they lay down. I feel terrible that I missed the fact that Juliana was in such pain. Last night dh said he was getting a sore throat. Let's hope he isn't coming down with this now.

I came across this post about Lent. I was again reminded of that one line prayer "Thank you Jesus for everything". Like Karen's Lenten season, I am finding that I am being asked to make sacrifices I hadn't anticipated making. I know that they are bringing me closer to God, and for that I am thankful. Although, I have to admit that last night my thank you was sent through gritting teeth as I had yet another sleepless night :)


Laura said...

I hope tonight is a sleeping night for you.
(I can't wait for spring either.)

Herd Momma said...

As I sit here in Texas with temps in the mid 90's and have a yard of very sad brown grass and lots of dirt I am very jealous. We need rain so very very badly. And these weird high temps make me worried of what the next 6 months will bring.
Hope your family is all better soon. Looks like we have been attacked by the tummy bug here.