Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stepping out

It has been a really busy week here. Probably the biggest enemy to my homeschooling is anything that requires me to be out of the house during the schoolday. It just seems to be such a production to get everyone dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed, shoes and coats on, and get out the door. By the time we get back I am so worn out it is hard to get much schoolwork done.

Getting out is not only an enemy of schooling, but also a hard test of my patience-- especially if there is a set time we need to be some place. I find myself barking at the girls and I can feel myself getting more and more upset as we get later and later. We are inevitably just barely on time to everything, despite my well-intentioned plans of being early.

This week we have something out of the house every day. We have dentist appointments, doctor appointments, special Masses, gym classes, art classes, and so on. I didn't mean for it to all be in one week, but here it is. Knowing this was coming, and knowing I was particularly grouchy last week getting out the door, I resolved that this week we would leave the house and make our appointments on time without me yelling or losing my patience.

It has meant I had to turn a blind eye to incomplete work I wanted done before leaving. I have to turn the other way and not look at the mess we leave in the wake of just getting out the door. I also have to give up the notion that my children will have on clothes that match and have hair that doesn't resemble Animal from the Muppets. Sometimes I just have to be thankful we are all in the car and on our way.

I really wasn't sure it was possible, but so far we have been on time or early for every appointment. We have gotten out the door with relatively little fuss. There have been a few meltdowns, but they haven't been my meltdowns. I consider this my small victory for the week. It seems appropriate that it fell during the week of St. Blase's feast. My biggest throat ailment is not any virus or bacteria, but rather the things I say. I am thankful for his intercession as I strive to speak more kindly.


Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

I remember being in your shoes; having four little ones all so little. I was too exhausted just buckling them all in the car to go anywhere. What I can offer you is that it is a short season in your life. Soon, the older ones will be old enough to take care of themselves and even help with the littlest. My kids hunt for their own shoes, brush their own hair, help their little brother get his coat on, etc.... We are there now and it is a beautiful thing. I have to admit though... I'd give anything to go back a little!

Anonymous said...

“Animal from the Muppets” love it!

Laura said...

Wow. The St.Blase reference speaks to me.With my father being sick, I am short on patience this week.
My words need care.

Regina said...

ugh, those last couple sentences ring SOOO true.
and boy do i feel you and getting off track with school when you have something else to do. dr appts especially throw me off. usually on those days i just try and get math done then cram the rest in the next day.