Monday, February 2, 2009

Who Are You?

My girls have always enjoyed pretending to have other names. On any given day they could decide to have twelve or thirteen different names. I remember once when Banana was three and Bear was just walking I took them to a story time for reading and crafts. Another mom saw Banana and asked her what her name was. I was astonished to hear her say "Mary, and that is my sister Elizabeth"-- these are not their names. I wasn't sure if I should stop this woman I didn't even know and tell her those were my children but that was not their names. I decided she might just think I was crazy, so I spent the morning calling them Mary and Elizabeth.

This game has continued through the years. The girls get different names, their dolls get names, the dog gets named. By the time they determine who gets what name, they are practically done with the game.

This morning as I was making breakfast, Banana was the mom bringing her family to my restaurant. Her daughter (Bophie) was introduced to me as Grace. Already feeling like a short order cook (some want eggs, others oatmeal, and still others cereal), I played up the part. Little Bophie would say "Lady? Lady?" trying to get my attention. I called back in my best Texas accent, "Yes, Gracie."

When breakfast was ready dh sat down at the table. Bophie, wanting to make sure Dad got things straight, says "I Gracie!" Now you have to imagine this in typical two-year-old tone. Some pronunciation was lacking.
Dh turns to her and says, "Your crazy? Why are you crazy?"
Bophie replies, "NO, I Gracie..."
Dh, "Yeah I know your crazy, you get it from your Mom."
Bophie, "NO, I GRACIE!"
Dh finally looks at me with his best what am I missing expression.
It was almost too funny to watch the exchange, I didn't want to interpret.

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Kim H. said...

Oooh, I'd have given anything to be a fly on the wall just to hear your "best Texas accent!"