Friday, August 28, 2009

They Learned This From ME?

Lately my cell phone has been acting up-- again. I am well known for being rather hard on my cell phones. I miss the very first one I owned. It was massive, but I could drop it, the babies played with it, it survived my diaper bag, and was still in great shape after many years of use. Since that phone it has been nothing but trouble. I have a hard time getting my phone to last until I qualify for a new phone. This has left me with quite a collection of old phones.

A few weeks ago my dear children found this collection of phones in a drawer. They acted as though it were Christmas. Each of them picked out a phone and ran to find purses to hold their new phones. Even little JuJu babbled on her phone.

For days there were many creative rings for the phones heard at all hours. There were countless conversations with each other, with family members, with imaginary friends. This, though, was my favorite overheard conversation:

Bear: sings a crazy tune
Banana: ignores her
Bear: "Banana, your phone is ringing."
Banana: (dismissively)"I know."
Bear: sings louder
Banana: silent
Bear: starts babbling on about something.
Banana: (in a rather taunting tone of voice) "Why are you talking? I denied you!"
Bear: (quite cheerfully) "I know, I'm leaving you a voicemail!"

Since my cell phone has died, again, dh was kind enough to do a little digging and ordered me a new one. The website gives this description:
"designed for on-site field services. Built to withstand harsh conditions, it is certified to Military Standard MI-SID-810F, withstanding dust, shock vibrations, rain, humidity, solar radiation and altitude and temperature extremes."

If I were a betting man, I still think the odds are I will find some way of destroying this phone as well-- especially with the help of my girls. Heaven help us when they are old enough to need cell phones of their own (thankfully this is many, many years away :) ).


Kim H. said...

Oh girl, I hear you on this.

Here's hoping the miliary resistent phone is just what you need -- and may be it'll even come in pink!

And man, it hurts to be "denied!"

Regina said...

so cute and wow, what kind of phone is that??