Monday, September 1, 2008

Last Days of Summer

Didn't make it to a sports bar, but with a score of 43-0 I don't think it would have been an exciting game. We did have a great Labor Day weekend. We used the Cedar Point tickets we were given and took the girls for what turned out to be a fabulous day. Because most kids were back in school, the park was not at all crowded and the weather was beautiful. This is just one more advantage to homeschooling. We are thinking of making this trip an annual event.

The girls take after their mom, they LOVED the rides. The faster and more spinning we could do, the better. For one day, I was the cool mom. Dh hates these rides. The cable cars and Ferris Wheel scare him. I love them, always have. So on this trip, I got to take the girls on all the rides and Dad was on baby duty. They both were a little bummed at being too short for some rides. I was a little bummed no one could ride the Millennium or the Thrill Speed rides with me-next time...

The day was a little reminder of how much the girls had grown. Here is a picture of them on our first visit to an amusement park (Hershey Park) in 2004:

Here they are this weekend:

They are growing so fast. I like being able to ride roller coasters with them, I like the conversations we have, I love getting to know them. I so much enjoy being with them as they try new things. It is still a little hard for me to see how much they've grown and how quickly the time has gone.

It was nice to take Bophie for her first rides. Here she is enjoying the carousel:

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