Thursday, September 4, 2008

An Adoption Update

Here is a picture of our family that was sent with our packet to China. This was taken the week we mailed our dossier to China. Little Bophie wasn't even born yet, I was trying to hide my pregnant belly!

Earlier this week we learned that the CCAA has currently matched through February 9, 2006. Our LID is February 17, 2006. This puts us 8 (EIGHT!) days away from being matched. We have been waiting so long it is almost hard to get excited. For 2 years I have stored away Christmas gifts, Easter basket fillers, and other special items thinking our newest one would be here. It is almost too much to think that there is a possiblility she could be here by this Christmas!

It may be too much to hope for, but St. Therese's feast is the beginning of October and wouldn't it be so appropriate to receive our match around her feast. I know November is more likely, but we have been praying that St. Therese will watch over our little one for so long I can only hope for October. Either way, our last baby would have been due on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The loss of her has been especially difficult for our family. This ray of hope that the adoption, God willing, is around the corner has given new joy to me and my family.

We are so close now it is likely our little one has been born and is in an orphanage. Please pray for her, pray for her mother, pray for her family, and pray for her country.

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Kim H. said...

Oh my word - I'm praying, praying, praying. Please, please keep us posted.

BTW, love the pic - so precious!

And hiding your pregnant belly...bwahaaaaaa! :)