Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Slight Misunderstanding

A few months ago my girls caught me off guard while we had some friends here. One of the boys was getting ready to put his dirty fingers into my beautiful piece of pie. I try not to be too germaphobic, but fingers (especially kid fingers) in my food just grosses me out. So as I catch him, fingers just centimeters from the delicious pie I am so looking forward to enjoying, I put out my index finger, point at him and give him my sternest, "Don't you dare touch my pie." I never overreact :)

I then quietly took my pie and headed to the patio to join the other adults and savor my dessert. My girls follow me out and declare to everyone that I gave poor Tommy "the finger". Needless to say the others gave me quite a look. I stammer trying to explain my girls have a totally different idea of giving someone the finger. They have no concept of the vulgarity of raising a middle finger to someone. To them, pointing and speaking sternly to someone is giving them "the finger".

In that sense, I did give little Tommy "the finger" but it was worth it. That pie was delish....

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Kim H. said...

Nobody - and I mean NOBODY messes with Mama's PIE!