Thursday, September 25, 2008

You'd think I was starving my children

Tonight is the season premier of The Office. It is the only show dh and I actually watch on a regular basis. I like Lost, but he lost interest in it. The last few weeks sweets and snacks have been hard to find around here as I am trying to shed a few pounds. Last night dh was scavenging and the poor guy snacked on saltines and fake cheese. I felt bad about that, so today I decided to bake some cranberry oatmeal bars so we would have a snack tonight.

I milked this for all it was worth getting the girls to help me clean after their swim lessons so there was time for cookie baking. They were all very cooperative. I think they were feeling a little dessert deprived lately as well. I pulled out the flour, the brown sugar, etc. while Bear pulled out the old-fashioned oats. I continue pulling out ingredients and then turn around to see Bophie eating the oats-- by the handful. Nothing with them, just oats.

I am telling dh about this at dinner and Banana pipes up, "Oh yeah, that's so good. If you chew on them long enough it starts to feel like you are making oatmeal in your mouth." YUCK!


Kim H. said...

Ooooh raw oats....I love raw oats!

And just think if you make oatmeal in your mouth you don't have to dirty a bowl.

And are your girls sitting on the back of a tow truck? Just curious.

Nikki said...

Not really a tow truck, a City pick up truck. The picture had nothing to do with the post except to prove the kids are not starved. I just liked the picture.

It was from Labor Day weekend. We went to Cleveland to see a Vatican art exhibit and ended up watching the air show from the waterfront. Being unprepared, we had no chairs but were lucky enough to find that truck and decided to sit there. Luckily no one seemed to mind, they were too busy trying to wrangle people off the docks.