Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I buy but never seem to have

Yesterday's hair clip disaster had me in the hair care aisle once again, with 3 girls I guess that is a little understandable. In David Letterman fashion, here is my top 10 list of things I buy in bulk, but never seem to have when we need them:

10. Cereal- I don't eat it, dh doesn't eat it, but my 3 little girls can finish off a box a morning, especially if dh bought the groceries. He is famous for getting the sugar cereal I would never buy.

9. Toothpaste- They must eat it. Dh and I can take a month or 2 to finish off a tube, but the girls never seem to have any. Some of this is explained by the toothpaste in the sink, around the sink, on the hand towels, and occasionally ground into the bathmat.

8. Hand soap- Now I am thankful they are washing their hands, but it seems that sometimes they use enough soap to wash 10 hands instead of the 2 they have.

7. Wipes- Dh is partly to blame here. A wet diaper can take him 4 wipes, and a poopy diaper almost always calls for a new package. The girls contribute as they seem to find endless joy in changing a doll's diaper.

6. Glue sticks- My girls are budding crafters and there is always some paper project going on. Almost all of these crafts involve some need to glue something, a lot of somethings. I also suspect the little one likes to try it out as chapstick.

5. Chapstick- Chapped lips season isn't here yet, but when it is you can be sure my girls will have them. They seem to battle with it the minute the air gets cooler. So I stock up on the chapstick. I buy simple ones, fancy ones, medicated ones, glossy ones, sparkly ones, tinted ones for me, tubs of it for dh. Doesn't matter. I still won't be able to find even one when I need it most.

4. Pencils-I buy them when the school supplies go on sale at the beginning of August. I buy many of them, multiple packages of 50 or so. It is still guaranteed that sometime in the beginning of October someone will say, "I can't do my schoolwork because I can't find a pencil." AAarrrrggghh.

3. Combs- I have bought many. I created a special drawer for them. They are never in the special drawer when I need them most.

2. Hair clips- Yesterday I touched on this. I buy them by the buckets, but whenever we need one, all that can be found are the fluorescent orange and yellow ones that match nothing. Then I look in the back of the car, it is amazing what can be found in the back of our minivan (Someday I will have to inventory, but that is another post).

1. Socks/Tights- I have again invested a small fortune in these items, but Sunday morning rolls around and no one can seem to find any without holes in them.

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