Monday, September 22, 2008

I am not a dog person

I never thought we would be a dog family. I have enough on my plate with the kids, I just couldn't imagine adding a dog to the mix. Bella, our new dog, was a gift from my mom this summer. We are now a dog family.

Dh has always been more of a dog person, and while Bella may have been too much of a diva for him, he couldn't help but get up during the wee hours of the night to force feed a small puppy we really didn't think was going to make it. Sometime in that 2 week ordeal they struck a deal and now Bella is his dog. This bond can only be broken by her refusal to be housebroken.

The girls were instantly won over by the little thing. Banana likes having a pretend friend and Bear likes having someone to chase her. Bophie is especially attached though. She carries Bella around like a doll, constantly referring to Bella as the baby. For months, she has been pushing the dog in her doll stroller beside her favorite doll "Mary". Today Bophie may have crossed the line though. As I was schooling the girls, she was trying to diaper poor Bella who was remarkably compliant with a 2-year old wielding a diaper and wipes.

I am still not a dog person. I don't like the interruption of trying to housebreak the dog. I am the one saddled by the grooming, and sometimes she just gets underfoot. She does give me a few laughs though. Last night when I took her out she's out doing her thing when the neighbor's air conditioning turned on. That little dog jumped a couple feet in the air and came running, luckily her business was already done. She must've barked for 10 minutes. Some guard dog she'll be....

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Kim H. said...

Can I start calling you Paris?