Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My very own Visa commercial

OK, today was supposed to be our second day of school. I think I mentioned yesterday how well the first day went. See, we were really busy last week. We went to an amusement park, an airshow, a birthday party, an indoor water park, had our first day of CCD (dh is teaching for the first time this year), a cookout at Grandma's., etc. So needless to say we are all a little over tired. Then came school...

On top of being tired from all the running around I was unprepared, the syllabus only got here Friday. Still we plowed through yesterday. Then last night, for the second night in a row, Banana was up all night complaining of an earache. We have been lucky in that none of the girls has had an ear infection. Last night that all changed. I got 2 maybe 3 hours of sleep, this while sandwiched between an 8 year old moaning in pain and a 2 year old who just seems to be fighting the whole sleeping thing.

So today I had to take the dog to her last puppy vet appointment, renew my driver's license (the BMV sent me a friendly reminder it expired 2 months ago), and then take Banana to her own doctor's appointment. Turns out she has an infection in both ears and fluid in her lungs. So then it was another trip to the pharmacy for a prescription. I am exhausted.

My Visa commercial:
Trip to the pharmacy for Children's Motrin-- 9 dollars
Doctor Visit-- 20 dollars
Z-Pack at the pharmacy-- 32 dollars
A good night's sleep for this mom of 3-- priceless.

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Kim H. said...

Um, what about the 26 bucks to the pizza guy?