Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope (continued)

My very sweet friend Emily sent this message to our homeschooling group this morning:

Well Ladies- It is a new day. Our fight must be one of great dedication to this Country. We must keep our eyes to the future and our hearts on fire in our home. Our children need us right now, today, they need us to form them in their faith, and give them a vision for this Country that few have. We have future Pro-Life leaders, Senators, Congressman, Mothers and whatever else God wants eating breakfast with us right now! I will be praying for all of us on this sad day. I am more committed to the fight for goodness than ever. This fight will be won with prayer, dedication and whatever our Lord wants.

Thank you for this reminder Emily. I felt sad this morning, but as I said in my previous post, I take comfort in knowing there are so many faithful who are renewing their commitment to Our Lord. I pray for strength, wisdom, and fortitude for myself, my family, and especially my children who will have to carry on this fight in what will most likely be a more hostile environment.

My cyber friend Charlotte shared her Words of Wisdom. I found more wisdom in the first reading for today:

My beloved, obedient as you have always been, not only when I am present but all the more now when I am absent, work out your salvation with fear and trembling. For God is the one who, for his good purpose, works in you both to desire and to work. Do everything without grumbling or questioning, that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine like lights in the world, as you hold on to the word of life, so that my boast for the day of Christ may be that I did not run in vain or labor in vain. But, even if I am poured out as a libation upon the sacrificial service of your faith, I rejoice and share my joy with all of you. In the same way you also should rejoice and share your joy with me. Phil 2:12-18


Anonymous said...

I love this comment: if aging hack John McCain, unable to enthuse his own base, running after a disastrous eight years of a George W. Bush administration, in the face of an utterly hostile mainstream media, a collapsing economy, and the as-yet undetermined aftermath of an unpopular foreign war, can still be near or within the polling margin of error, this is not a liberal nation, or one panting for an Obama administration.

Anonymous said...

It speaks volumes that our nation would elect someone like Obama. According to the Ohio Department of Health, there were 30,859 abortions performed in Ohio last year. This number will no doubt increase under the Obama presidency. The only way we will elect leaders worthy of the name ‘leader’ is though prayer and sacrifice for the conversion of our own hearts and that of our nation. The next four years will give us many opportunities for doing so. May God have mercy on our country.

Anonymous said...

One glimmer of hope is that marriage got properly defined in the most liberal of states -- California. The country definitely did not move to the left. While Obama gained more white votes than did John Kerry or Al Gore, he still only won the battleground states by a few (easily reversible) percentage points. The coaltion that he supposedly built is a proverbial house of cards. It was not anti-Palin or new Democrat but was based on economic uncertainty. It could easily turn Republican again in two years as happened to Bill Clinton. While you pray for the country, pray for the courts and judges. The new administration will try to run much social policy-making through the judiciary. We need to hold out hope that the courts won't easily be reshaped and forcibly move the country left. Bush wasn't all disaster -- he gave us some good judges. And, remember, it took a Jimmy Carter to get a Ronald Regan. There is still hope.